ZFive of Mecklenburg County offers licensed clinicians the opportunity to participate in the Infant and Young Child Mental Health Mentoring Program. ZFive is an informal collaborative of clinicians, researchers, and program administrators in Mecklenburg County, NC, dedicated to improving the lives of children, aged birth through five, with mental health issues and their families. The Mentoring Program was established in 2008 to increase the number of licensed clinicians in Mecklenburg County, NC, who are competent in evaluating and treating the mental health needs of children aged birth through five years via evidenced based assessments and practices. Clinicians participating in the mentoring program gain knowledge about the skills needed to work with children of this specific age and their families, as well as become acquainted with evidence based evaluations and therapeutic interventions for this population. Additionally, the Mentee practices his/her new skills with children and families, with guidance from the Mentor, via weekly mentoring sessions and monthly group mentoring meetings.

If you have questions about the Mentoring Program, please contact Laverne Fesperman, MSW, LCSW at

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