Quick Answer: How To Give A Guinea Pig Up For Adoption?

Where can I give my guinea pig away?

The best place to take an unwanted guinea pig is to a highly rated rescue center or animal shelter. You just have to make sure that they actually accept guinea pigs because some centers or shelters don’t sometimes. The ones that do accept guinea pigs are usually able to give them all of the special care that they need.

What can I do with unwanted guinea pigs?

Finding a New Home for Your Pet

  • NOTE: If you find a guinea pig (in a yard, park, box, behind a dumpster) the best thing to do is to take them to an animal shelter and report them as a stray.
  • Option 1: Keep your pet.
  • Option 3: Surrender your pet to a shelter.

How do I rehome my guinea pig?

I need to rehome my guinea pig, bird, snake, fish, hamster, rabbit or other pet.

  1. Ask your friends and family if any of them can provide a home for your pet.
  2. Call your veterinarian’s office and let them know about your situation.
  3. Contact rescue organizations in your area to ask for their help.
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Can I set my guinea pig free?

Roaming free outside can provide a modern guinea pig the opportunity to forage for natural vegetation but leaves him vulnerable to predators. You can let a guinea pig roam free inside your house for exercise.

What is lifespan of guinea pig?

PetSmart does not take in or rehome animals of any kind as of 2021. Instead, PetSmart customers can rehome their dog, cat, or other small pets at shelters or pet rescue centers. Additionally, PetSmart will not accept the surrender of pets if they were purchased at one of its stores.

Do guinea pigs bite?

Guinea pigs are docile animals, and rarely bite without cause. They tend to ‘mouth’ their owners while being held, just to see if you’re edible! These are not hard bites, though, and don’t hurt. If your pet bites you for real, it’s because they’re afraid of you.

Can I surrender my guinea pig?

Option 1: You can contact your local animal shelter to surrender your guinea pig. Note, however, that most area organizations are not “no kill” shelters–you should ask before turning an animal in. Option 2: You can try to adopt the animal out yourself.

Can I let my guinea pig go in the wild?

You should never let your guinea pig go into the wild because they won’t be able to survive out there in any way. They’re very likely to die of starvation, die from diseases, die from fright, or get eaten by some of the predators that are out there quickly.

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Can I give my guinea pigs to PetSmart?

PetSmart will take your guinea pig if you bought it from a PetSmart store — though restrictions apply. To return the guinea pig, take the animal and your receipt to your nearest PetSmart location.

How much do guinea pigs sell for?

Guinea pigs usually cost between $10 and $40, and you will need at least two. There are lots of guinea pigs without a home in pet shelters, so source your pets there if possible.

Can you sell guinea pigs to pet stores?

The NSW Pet Shop Code covers ‘dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, birds, fish and other vertebrate species’ (2.2). of animals for sale in the ACT. It applies to anyone who sells an animal, regardless of whether they are an individual or a business.

Can I let my guinea pig run around my room?

Yes! Not only can you let your guinea pig run around your house, but you absolutely should. Guinea pigs need plenty of free space and exercise. But they also need safety!

Do guinea pigs stink up your house?

Guinea pigs are fastidiously clean creatures that love to groom themselves and stay tidy, but if pet waste builds up inside the cage, it’s going to smell — and get in his fur.

What do guinea pigs poop on?

For obvious reasons, guinea pigs pee and poop most where they eat or drink. If you’re a fleece bedding user and want to extend the time between full cleaning sessions, try using paper or aspen bedding in one area of the cage. This kitchen area can make a great spot for hay, pellets, and water bottles.

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