Quick Answer: Pictures Of Hollis Woods Why Did Hollis Always Run Away From Her Foster Family?

Why does Hollis run away with Josie?

I ran away after Steven was critically injured in an automobile wreck that was my fault. Josie, the retired art teacher, nurtured my love of art but was very forgetful. She was in the beginning stages of dementia and I soon became the caregiver for her.

What happened to Steven in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

In the Tenth Picture, Hollis plans to climb the mountain and announce to the world that she belongs to a family, and in the next picture, she hurts her ankle when she climbs the mountain, but luckily, Steven drives the truck up the mountain to rescue her; however, the truck overturns and Steven is hospitalized.

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What happens in chapter 12 of Pictures of Hollis Woods?

In chapter twelve, Hollis thinks about Izzy, the Old Man and Steven one morning, wondering if they still think about her like she thinks of them, though she tries not to think of that terrible afternoon anymore.

What theme does the story Pictures of Hollis Woods plot suggest?

The plot of Pictures of Hollis Woods suggests themes of family and loyalty. The family theme is introduced by Hollis’s time with the Regan family, who ultimately wind up adopting her.

What did Hollis tell Josie at the end of chapter 2?

Steven Reagan, Izzy Reagan, and the old man. Hollis told Josie she would stay, but Hollis would never stay. Hollis missed the regans really bad, some regret.

Where does Hollis take Josie plan?

This time she takes Josie with her and returns to Branches, the summer home that belongs to the Regans. All along, Hollis longs for her life with the Regans, and records every special moment with them in a gallery of pictures.

What was the main problem in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

The internal conflict in this novel is that Hollis wants to be with the Regans, but she believes that they don’t want her back because she destroyed their family. She feels that the Old Man and Steven’s arguing is because of her. She also feels that the accident was her fault, but Steven will be blamed for it.

Who is Steven in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

Steven Regan He is the brother of a family which wants to adopt Hollis and he teaches her how to fish and drive.

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Where does Josie live in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

When a social worker decides that Josie is too forgetful to be a suitable foster parent, Hollis persuades Josie to run away with her so they can stay together. They drive through a snowstorm to the Regans’ empty summer house in upstate New York.

Who is Josie in Hollis Woods?

Josie – An elderly retired art teacher who adores Hollis, but is forgetful, so Hollis is afraid that the agency will find out and make her go to a different foster home, so she takes her to the Reagans summer cabin/house. Beatrice – Josie’s cousin with whom she is very close.

What is the summary of Pictures of Hollis Woods?

Plot Summary (2) After running away from her last foster placement with the Regan family, twelve year old Hollis Woods is placed with a new foster mother, the loving, retired art teacher, Josie Cahill. Hollis is a talented artist and her life stories unfold through her pictures.

Who are the characters in Hollis Woods?

Major Characters:

  • Hollis Woods, spunky 12-year-old, artist and foster child.
  • Josie Cahill, former art teacher and Hollis’ current foster parent,
  • Henry, Josie’s cat.
  • Beatrice Gilcrest, Josie’s cousin and best friend.
  • Old Man Regan, Hollis’ last foster father.
  • Izzy Regan, Hollis’ last foster mother.

What did Hollis decide to give Josie Christmas?

What did Josie give Hollis for Christmas? She gave her the wood figure of Hollis that she carved.

What is the setting of Pictures of Hollis Woods?

The setting is mostly at Josie’s lovely house. Before that, she was at the Reagans’ country styled house in the mountains. At the end of the book Josie and Hollis ran away to the house in branches so Hollis could stay with Josie. This took place during somewhere around 1990s to present day.

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What special gift does the old man give to Hollis one night?

At dinner one night, the Old Man gives Hollis a box of dozens of colored pencils, a pad of paper, erasers and a pencil sharpener.

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