Readers ask: What Does Ellen Foster Say About Family When Working On The Field?

What happens to Ellen’s mother’s clothes?

How does Ellen honor her mother? SHE WEARS HER MAMA’S CLOTHES UNDER HER OWN.

How does Ellen’s mama’s mama compare to her new mama?

How does Ellen’s “mama’s mama” compare to her “new mama”? For how she looks and is involoved in her mothers death and how she resembled her father and was a part of her and so she would abuse Ellen because she hated her father and she was a part of him.

What is the significance of the magician in Ellen Foster?

The magician serves to explain the realities of death to Ellen and relieve her fear and pain.

What is revealed about Ellen through her relationship with starletta?

Their relationship is altered most distinctly in the way Ellen has broadened her social awareness. She confesses to Starletta that she is very ashamed for ever harboring racist prejudice, but Ellen assures Starletta that she has now realized that skin color makes no difference in the quality of a person.

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Why does Ellen feel that her mother is better off in the hospital than at home?

Why does Ellen feel that her mother is better off in the hospital than at home? She’s better taken care of there.

Why does Ellen refrain from eating or drinking anything at starletta’s house?

Ellen thinks to herself that she could never drink after Starletta because she is colored and tries to see the invisible germs that she leaves on the lip of her cup. Starletta’s parents cannot read. Both work as field hands on a cotton plantation, and Starletta’s mother sews quilts to make an additional income.

What does Ellen’s cousin Dora do in the car after the funeral?

Dora, who is the same age as Ellen, wets herself and soaks the seat of the car. Dora asks if the undertaker will stop the car on the way to the funeral so that she may get a snack. Ellen wakes in her new home and wonders what she should do with her day.

What nickname does Ellen give her grandmother?

The other field hands, all of whom are black, refer to Ellen’s grandmother as the “bosslady,” as she is the one who owns the cotton fields on which they work. Mavis, one of the field hands, is especially kind to Ellen, and Mavis teaches her how to work the fields and stay cool.

What is starletta?

Starletta is an alternate form of Starla (English): astronomical name based on “star”.

What is the setting of Ellen Foster?

She lived in this very rural area, about fifty miles east of Raleigh, with her mother and father in a four-room farmhouse. Gibbons used her experience in rural Rocky Mount to create the setting for Ellen Foster.

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